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Android Application for parents


Manage Application from Parent Portal


Android Application for Teacher


Manage Application from Teacher Portal


Android Application for Management


Manage Application From Management Portal

It helps parents to communicate with teachers and stay informed about their children’s progress and discipline at school. All details for parents like school circulars, fee payment details, marks and attendance are reported through the portal. Parents with multiple children studying in the same school need only one login to view all details

• Dashboard
• Messaging :
> Holiday Messages
> Daily Homework Messages
> Examination Schedule Message
> Messages of Exam Result Declaration
> Fee Notification Messages
> Winter/Summer Vacation Messages
> Students’ presence/absence Messages
> Student’s performance Messages
• Live Notifications
• Attendance Status
• Fees Status
• Transport Details
• Upload Document
• Update Profile
• Time-Table
• Event Calendar
• Holiday Calendar
• Admission Request
• Result Marks-Grade
• Exam Schedule
• Leave Request
• Achievements
• Consent
• Gallery
• Homework
• Assignment
• Food Calendar
• Mark as Favourite
• Message To School
• Language Option
• Staff Detail
• Student Zone


• School updates & information
• Activities and Attendance in one touch
• Instant safety notification & alert reporting
• Important teacher updates & assignment details
• Organization updates and event information
• Instant access to school resources
• Reliable instant alerts
• Easy to use & Set Up
• Easy communication with school
• Easily stay updated about your child
• Get notified about exams, fee dues and other alerts instantly

Save time and energy with the one app that sends you instant push notifications with the school information that’s important to you. You choose the content you want to receive and School Way keeps you updated and in the loop.


The Parent Dashboard reflects the respective Student’s Attendance detail, Student’s Performance detail based on different exams, Fee Description, Holidays, Events, the Time Table, School Diary, the Scheduled Syllabus of the whole session & the Upcoming Birthdays of all Staff & Students. Switch to profiles of different students to view their records from a same Parent Dashboard.

Teacher mobile app is an exclusive mobile app designed for teachers to make everyday classroom tasks like attendance, marks, assignments etc. Teacher can manage all class activities, class work, homework, circulars. The mobile app for teachers enhances communication between teachers and parent in a modern and user-friendly way. A smart communication platform for Teachers to communicate with students and parents. Teacher can manage all class activities, class work, homework, circulars

• Class Attendance
• Mark Entry
• Homework &assignments
• Send Message to g roup or individual
• Parent Absentee Notices
• Instant Back-up
• Send worksheets online, redirecting as email.
• Timetable & Proxy
• Create your own Question bank
• Personal Notification
• Timely Notes to parents
• Individual Student List
• Full Detail of their Students
• View Student profile & Batch details
• Student List, Batch Timetable
• Batch Attendance Overview


• Automatically sends SMS to the parents of absent students
• Send fees reminder to the students
• Send SMS to individual and whole class
• Send test marks to the parents along with highest and lowest marks of the class
• Share any or all of the information to and with parents instantly

Every teacher will learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost.

Manage student, teacher, and parent details from one place. Plan out the academic year on administrative calendars, get personalized course timetables for every grade and faculty member and more

• Update daily activities.
• View Student profile & Batch details
• Student List, Batch Timetable
• Batch Attendance Overview
• Holidays and Events
• Apply & approve leaves
• Manage Gallery
• Exam Schedule


• Improve School admin productivity
• Towards paperless management
• Reduce duplication of work, save time & efforts
• An end to unnecessary phone calls from parents
• Digitalization of school diary
• Software to maintain day to day school activities
• Single dashboard with holistic information
• Regular reports on a click
• Sustain a harmonious relationship with parents
• Zero infrastructure cost

Benefits of Our Applications:

• Transparency in school operations.
• Availability of real-time up to date information.
• Better management of school academic process & administration.
• Instant access to required information and activities of the school.
• A centralized system which makes reporting possible at one place.
• Keeps parents up to date with their ward’s progress in school.
• Integrated with Bulk SMS Software for sending specific SMS Alerts.
• Better interaction between parents, teachers & school management.
• Active participation in school Activities
• Integration of Academic Calendar, School Notices and other activities.
• High level security at application level, user level and program level.
• Help to improve the quality of interaction among students, teachers and parents
• Displays latest news on dashboard
• Communicate with parents effectively
• Updates and Tracking can be done within a minute
• Provides real time information
• Easy access to all
• Secure Backup
• Secured Data Access
• Complete tracking of the students
• Available and accessible from anywhere and any device
• Easy Installation
• SMS Alerts
• Less maintenance
• Interactive app
• In Build Customization
• Online Payment Options
• Easy GUI (Graphical User Interface)
• Go paperless
• Extremely User friendly with High security
• No additional investments for hardware or server

Students Benefits :
• Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers
• Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
• Prior information of events & holidays
• Exam schedules, timetable, school calendar can be viewed at a click
• Syllabus and course materials can be access easily
• Timely updates about school events and extra-curricular activities
• Online homework and assignments
Parents Benefits :
• Get connected to the institution electively and easily
• Get alerts from school administration or teachers
• Frequent interaction with teachers
• Active participation in institution activities
• Reliable update on children attendance, progress report and fee payment
• Prior information about institution events and holidays
• Get notifications of upcoming events
• Online leave request
• Tracking of homework assigned by teacher to their child
• Prior information about upcoming school events and holidays
• Regular and prompt availability of school updates through articles, discussion forums, image gallery and messaging system
• View photo gallery
• Daily attendance Notification
• Instant notification through SMS on student’s absence from school
• Multiple student access for parents with more than one child in the same school
• View evaluation marks awarded to students
• Immediate and regular school updates accessed via notice board, discussion forums
• Keep track on Online details like school timetable, events and student information
• Aware of school events and activities
• Able to know teacher’s feedback on student’s academic performance
Management Benefits :
• Complete automation of all operations
• Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
• Zero severance in handling the institution’s records
• Best possible resource optimization
• Maintain harmonious relationship with parents
• Eases administrative tasks make it a simple process
• Collection of fees by Cash or Cheque
• Fully automated student & staff administration
• Manage student information on single click
• Bulk SMS facility to inform parents
• Easily manage accounts for staff and students
• Free training, maintenance & support
• Wide-ranging computerization of all operations
• Get connected to parents and alumni in an effective manner
• Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
• Complete automation of all operations
• Auto-generation of timetables with dynamic substitute
• Bulk SMS facility to inform parents
• Wide-ranging computerization of all operations
Teachers Benefits :
• Automated student attendance
• Computerized management of marks and grades
• Timetable creation in advance
• Availability of more time for students
• Effective communication with parents regarding child’s performance
• Access to students and parents through common forum
• Access to own and students' attendance
• Better organization of Institutional activities
• Manage class information and analytical reports
• Tracking detailed history of performance of a student
• Constant updates on child's progress, attendance and fees
• Homework assignments to students and approval
• Roll No generator and timetable design
• Manage student results division/subject/exam wise
• Student results information through SMS
• Easy access to any information related to students
• Availability of more time for students