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Windex - School Management System is a Comprehensive School Management System that is highly beneficial to educational Institutes. Using this you can online analyze the overall working of your whole institution and have a control over its day-to-day activities.

The Basic features offered by this system is really helpful to keep tracking Students basic and Educational information like Student's exams, Student results & other activities that done by the Students and much more which is very helpful as educational institutions.


School Management Software

The main aspects of this system is can do all your work online.and manage school and students online without any installation of any program/software in your computer.

User Friendly School Management Software Surat

Interface of this system is very Simple and user friendly.easy to use of this system.

School Management Software

Security is the main aspect.using this system your data are more secure.


Prize of this system is very low.and everybody can afford prize of this system.

1. School Administration

School Administrative module allows you carry out all the administrative tasks which consume a lot of time and requires much attention and efforts, easily and effortlessly. It saves a lot of time and human resource by managing many of the things which your school carries out on a daily basis. The user can manage school administrative tasks easily and make reports on daily basis of different tasks. Admin can add, update, delete and maintain all school related data by school administration module. Admin can give particular rights or access permission to particular user for the different module in school administration software. With the help of Software school admin maintains all data, create a various pre structure formats, generate customized reports, add or delete school or trust information. Work will be done easily.

Benefits :

• Accurate Maintenance of School Data
• Add or Delete The School or Trust Information
• Password Protected Authority to Maintain Privacy
• Maintain or Customized Account Setup For The Financial Purposes
• Particular Access to Particular Person For Particular Module Section
• Manage Vacation Time Duration with The Help of The Holiday Details Section
• Manage and Create Fixed Holidays/Weekends/Half Days Details in a Single Click
• Manage Students, Teachers & Parents
• Manage Students Result
• Manage Notification about School
• Define Classes & Subjects for student & teachers.
• Generate Fee Structure for School
• Generate Reports
2. Admission Management

Student Admission Management allows you to manage the admissions of all the students easily along with student’s basic details, family information, previous school details, transfer and birth certificate and report card with passport sized photo. Software is basically providing easiness to collect data about each and every student at the time of admission. Easily add the student academic and personal data with required documents which can be scanned and store in software. You can also generate the fee receipt or various miscellaneous fees in advance at the time of student admission. It is quick and easy to use.

Benefits :

• Manage registration and entire admission process of the students for each academic year
• Storing students previous school history and certificates
• Admission of students to a specific academic year in a specific stream, medium , standard and division with ease
• Anytime add the previous school information
• On acceptance of admission process, automatic transfer the details of the students and staff in to school register and school records without any paper work
• Get complete view of the student’s admission form with photo
• Print fees receipt by pre-defined fees structure
• Generate customized reports of student admission
• Accurately manage all academic data of students
• Student admission inquiry
• Student admission form
• All the detail of students
• Online admission
• Customized SMS to all students.
3. Student Management

Student Management allows you to manage the entire academic, personal, family, previous school details along with student’s passport size photo. It also provides necessary information about all students. We can also generate I-card, certificates and many other reports by student’s detailed information. From their admission to course completion, to keep the data up-to-date which provides a better management to students in the institute as well. It is complete integrated Software, which doesn’t keep only record information but manages every academic activity of each student.

Benefits :

• Student’s details like personal details, login details, parents details and other details can be stored securely in a centralized system
• Centralized GR No. system to keep track of throughout his academic career in the school.
• Complete details of the student with photo can be viewed from the view section.
• Search students belonging to a particular class, standard, stream or medium.
• Also search details of a particular student using his name, standards, division and advance filter
• Student profile with photographs.
• Parents and guardian detail with photographs.
• Inbuilt Id Card Generation Facility
• Can attach scan copy of all documents
• Easily track record of student attendance
• Automatic percentile rank report generation
• Student data & photo can be imported
• Print various reports on any type and size of paper
• Available student emergency contact records
• Extracurricular activities
• Student's Transactional information
4. Attendance Management

Maintaining an attendance register of students and staffs requires a lot of effort and accuracy. The software provides feature to keep a record of attendance inside the system eliminating manual effort consuming task. It reduces the use of paper and maintains accuracy. Student’s daily attendance can be done very easily by software. Attendance data is calculated by the software and can be shared easily with parents through SMS. SMS alerts for the regular absentees encourage them to be regular in school.

Benefits :

• Provides instant alerts about student absences via SMS to his parents.
• Daily and Class wise attendance.
• Monthly and yearly attendance report.
• Percentage wise attendance.
• Attendance average (સરાસરી)
• SMS alert to absentees and present students.
• Easy marking of attendance
• Note / Remarks for attendance can be given
• Paperless And Less Time Consuming
• Attendance records are kept safe and can be checked easily whenever required
5. Fees Management

Fees Management is a very difficult job till date and any organization need to take a lot of care while taking fees, as maintaining financial records is very important task in any institute. A proper accounting is also needed at the end of every financial year.

Fees management is very useful to simplify whole fees processing system. By this software you can takes different types of fees like Admission Fee, Exam Fee, Education Fee, Lab Fee, Computer Fee, Term Fee, Activity Fee etc. Fees Management Module is completely managed on the base of the fee scheme prepared by government. The system will identify the student, his current status, his fees history, remaining fee details and on the basis of the Fee History records it will calculate the payable amount automatically. Institution can get the fees amount ONLINE via Payment Gateway

Benefits :

• Advanced fee setup for multiple fee category with deposit
• Customized fees setup
• Debit fees report
• Debit fees slip
• Fees concession
• Online fees deposit
• Accept fees in installment
• Accept fees in cash and cheque
• Send Debit fees SMS
• Easily create dynamic fee structure
• Define the types of fee to be collected from school.
• Section wise daily fees collection report
• Auto generated SMS alert for fees payment
• Add bank detail in receipt
• Fees collection facility on single click
• Easily print payment receipt
• Available Cash And Cheque mode of payment
• Safe and Secure way of student fee collection
• Additional fees details given accurately in fees structure section
• SMS alert on payment
• Auto fee receipt generation
• Generate complete summary of Payable fees and Complete amount
6. Exam Management

Examination Management is an integral part of any academic institution. The Exam Processing is full of variety in functionality as the examination is the ultimate method of the evaluation of the student in the education system. The progress-card defines the performance of the student in each subject and defines criteria. Exam management provides you the best interface to manage your entire examination system and it will manage your examination in a well structured and systematic way. It provides you an easy to use interface to manage your part of examination in your school.

Benefits :

• Test, mid -term and final marks entry processing and finalization of results
• Mark sheet and grade card printouts
• Merit list generation
• Result analysis on the basis of percentage, subject, gender and caste category
• Customize mark sheets, certificates and reports
• Various reports for better student analysis reports
• Pre -defined grade setting system
• Result Processing System
• Easy Exam setup
• Can import subject wise marks by Excel sheet
• Student wise and subject wise marks obtained.
• Examination schedules for each semester and yearly
• Export exam result in excel file easily
• Send SMS / E-mail parents of exam result
• Define exam marks wise grade
• Auto Synchronize Result to Website and android App
• Hall ticket generate
7. Human Resources

Human Resource (HR) Management module allows you to manage all the tasks related to the human resource very easily and comfortably. With HR management Module, all the information of school faculty & staffs will be organized along with their details. This module will assist in maintaining proper records of details, attendance, leaves, pay slip, salary register, contracts, etc.

Benefits :

• Manage employee details
• Store basic, personal, job and communication details.
• Employees ID card.
• Daily, monthly and yearly employee’s reports.
• Print pay slip of school staff
• Fetch advance salary record on single click
• Check school staff attendance and absent report
• Publish the list of holidays or send it through email to students and parents.
• Manage school staff PF Account
• As per requirement, automatic generate the salary & leave structure
• Staff and teachers can check their number of leave, leave availed and leave remaining.
• Staff member can also put a request for a leave to the concerned department head and get approval.
• It provides you a facility to post on the school’s site about current vacancies and job opportunities available in school.
8. Hostel Management

By Hostel Management you provide better housing structure & residential facilities to students. It keeps a track of current as well as former students with their necessary details. It reduces the unnecessary work for warden or rector. Hostel Management is very useful school or Institute to keep the record of students living in hostel and revive the data when needed.

With Hostel Management, administration is able to manage different functions of hostel and resources simultaneously with the use of integrated software and manage hostel of the organization in a sufficient way. Admin can get the exact data regarding particular activity or section of hostel whenever it is required.

Benefits :

• Manage multiple hostels.
• Define room’s type and room charges.
• Hostel reports.
• Manage boys and girls hostel.
• It allows you to manage all the school hostels efficiently.
• It allows you to manage different students and teachers in different hostels and allocate different rooms to different students.
• Keep a record of hostel ins and outs and hostel consumables and durables efficiently.
• Generate Customized Reports for further reference.
• Hostel information like name, type, location, etc.
• Hostel structure
• Fees structure & installments norms
• Fees reports
• Empty & allotted rooms management
• Room transfer
• Hostel infrastructure
• Room & floor capacity
• Visitors record
9. Transport Management

Transport Management make concise use of data related to transportation provided by school with detailed information about vehicle, vehicle student mapping, route fare mapping, maintenance and its expenses, drivers/ conductor details etc. For better student security and manage the school time it covers the entire transportation module for the tracking and maintains the transportation details.

Benefits :

• Create route wise pick up point and drop point
• Manage one way transportation
• Route wise student report
• Pick up point wise student list report
• Transport fees entry
• Route wise fee summary
• Stop wise students fee collection
• Route wise bus management
• Create bus stations
• Manage bus timing
• Create fee slots
• Allocate route or area to students / Staff
• Generate various reports
• Easy record search
• Reduce calls and complaints to your transportation department
10. Payroll Management

School Management System provides facility to manage the entire payroll of the school staff members with ease and accuracy. Payroll Management works very smoothly & effectively to manage remuneration and integrate the functions of several sections of the organization irrespective of number of employees. Payroll Management is integrated with attendance module, thus system automatically calculates total working days of employees per academic year. This enables accurate assessment of remuneration and makes your payroll section very easy to manage.

Benefits :

• PF and Tax declaration.
• Employee’s payroll sleep.
• Monthly and yearly payroll reports.
• Send pay slips through the email.
• Configurable fee heads.
• Leave available year.
• Direct generation of salary slip with automatic calculation and print facility.
• Performance based payroll structure generation
• Working days calculation
• Payment slips & record keeping
• Effective salary management
• Real time data updating
• Smooth management of payroll section
• Lessens workload of several departments at once (એક જ સમયે અનેક વિભાગોનું વર્કલોડ ઓછું કરે છે)
• Reduces paper work
• Integrates different functionalities on a single window
• Integrated with attendance & employee management
11. All Necessary Certificates

Institute need to maintain each and every record of student during the course. During the study, student asks for various certificates like Identity proof, Bonafied, Birth Certificate, Leaving Certificate, and Cast Certificate for different reasons. Providing different certificate to the students and maintaining records for received applications and issued certificates is a bit tedious task for the administrative office.

Certificate Management Module enables Administration to maintain these records with ease.The format of the certificate are kept dynamic. The administrator has to once set the style of the certificate and incorporate all the necessary details in the format itself. All major certificates are included in this module.

Benefits :

• Easy to issue & manage different kind of certificates like
Leaving certificate.
Bonafied certificate.
First trail certificate.
Trial Certificate
• Flexible interface to form a certificate
• Keeps a track of students’ details in a systematic way
• Accurate data included in certificate
• Unique number for each certificate for easy reference
• Reduces human efforts
• Easy to prepare a format of different certificates
• Provision of generating a new certificate from the system itself
12. Events and Activity Management

The Event Management module is designed to allow school administration to better manage student access and attendance for various events. This includes academic related events such as disciplinary classes, and student assemblies as well as special events such as athletic games, school dances, and other non-academic related activities. This module provides the facility to manage events of school event can be categories for classes and students.

Benefits :

• Upcoming event and activities.
• School calendar.
• All festival celebration.
• Managing event visitors
• Creating and managing event calendar for the year
• Sending e-alerts to students and parents on the upcoming events
• Event programming and planning
• School calendar
• Upcoming event/activities
• Enrollment facility
13. Account Management

This school management solution offers broad selection of features that empower you with the ability to manage and control your accounts more effectively. It supports double entry accounting system and generates automatic financial statements. The Account Management module provides an efficient solution for account management using various functions like day book, credit/debit note and payment. Voucher and imprest money details available as well total expense and income, manage precisely by Account Management module. It is easily maintains student billing details, employee expenses, school expenses and completely cover the financial activities.

Benefits :

• Efficiently Manage Total Expenses And Income
• Accurately And Securely Maintain Bank Details
• High Level Of Data Security And Complete Data Storage
• All Financial Accounts Easily Export To Tally Software
• Manage Accounts like Assets, liabilities, And Expense etc.
• Any Time Modifies The Accounting Structure Or Any Data
• Generate General Vouchers, Fee Receipts, Bank Slip, and Salary Slip etc.
• The Voucher Can Be Created As Well As Maintenance Of Voucher Details Easily
14. Report Management

School Management Software gives great benefits to the schools by providing a lot many reports which are beneficial for better and efficient administration of the schools. The schools administration with the help of such reports can improve the working of the school and keep a track record of the ongoing in the school. The software generates various reports like fees collection, student result, student/staff attendance, salary reports, account, student progress report etc.

Benefits :

• Create a various Pre-structure formats
• Generate customized reports
• Class wise student List / Custom report
• Daily Fees Collection Reports
• Debit Fees Reports of Students
• New admission Reports
• Student / Staff attendance Reports
• All Section Students Report
• Exam Reports
• Fees Collection Report
• Over all Class Performance
• Due Fees Reports
15. Alumni

Alumni Management Software gives all that you have to oversee class information to manufacture a solid alumni group. Through our portal we try to keep the records of all pass-out students, their current locations and current jobs.

Benefits :

• Alumni directory
• Add pass out student to alumni
• Anytime access of alumni data
• Update alumni for school event & activity
• Enables easy communication with alumni students.